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We have all heard that each of us is 'unique,' but the proof is truly in our DNA.DNA is otherwise known as deoxyribonucleic acid and it is an important and special part of human beings, animals and an enormous range of life forms.
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Agriculture: Food Irradiation and DNA, Genetically Modified Foods, Using DNA to...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Where Can I Get Genetic Testing?, DNA Test after Death...
Computer Applications
Computer Applications: DNA Computing for Disease Diagnosis, Nan...
Disease: DNA and Inflammatory Diseases, DNA and Alzheimer's Disease,...
DNA Basics
DNA Basics: All About DNA and Proteins, The Properties of DNA, DNA Sequencing, An...
DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Fingerprinting: Bioinformatics and DNA, Authenticating Medications and Products,...
DNA in the News
DNA in the News: DNA Studies and the Evolution of Birds, Resurrecting the DNA of...
Forensics: Using DNA to Date Manuscripts, DNA Crime Scene Collection, E...
Genetics: DNA Tests and Genetic Diversity, Can DNA Make You Popular?, Does...
Learning More
Learning More: Obtaining Your DNA Testing, Better DNA Tests of the Future, Pollution...
Legal Aspects
Legal Aspects: Government Involvement in DNA Technology, DNA and Civil Rights, DNA...
Testing: DNA and Air Crash Victims, DNA Testing for Disease, Urine Testing for...
Latest Comments
  • rosebunny
    Re: Where Can I Get Genetic Testing?
    my dad passed away his family cremated him i was notified of his death after this i am a sole daughter of him but now i have…
    27 February 2015
  • j jhki
    Re: How was DNA Discovered?
    I needed this for a science project thank you!
    18 February 2015
  • Trace
    Re: Famous Trials and DNA Testing
    After a 27 year battle trying to get local enforcement agency and prosecutors to reopen the case of the murder and rape of Monica…
    15 February 2015
  • ann
    Re: What are DNA Mutations?
    Mmy family has for at least 8 to 9 generations have passed on a genetic mmutation for synphalangism beginning with my ancestors who…
    13 February 2015
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    @Sandy - it's unlikely that this would be possible. You'd need a court order to have the body exhumed and that would only be granted if you…
    10 February 2015
  • mukipe
    Re: An Overview of DNA Functions
    Actually the sites is the best.
    8 February 2015
  • Sandy
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    My father died 2 years ago. He died with Alzheimer's Disease. There is a lot to this story and more I am finding out. It's true he has the…
    5 February 2015
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    @Sarah. A DNA test could prove a relationship with that side of the family, yes.
    5 February 2015
  • sarah
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    Hello my son is almost 5 years old his dad has been dead for almost 3 years and his family want a dna test to prove that there son was a dad…
    2 February 2015
  • ceebee
    Re: Childhood Viruses and Inherited DNA
    Are allergies inherited too? Could a DNA test tell you if you're like to suffer the same allergies as a parent?
    29 January 2015
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