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We have all heard that each of us is 'unique,' but the proof is truly in our DNA.DNA is otherwise known as deoxyribonucleic acid and it is an important and special part of human beings, animals and an enormous range of life forms.
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Ask Our Experts: Where Can I Get Genetic Testing?, DNA Test after Death...
Computer Applications
Computer Applications: DNA Computing for Disease Diagnosis, Nan...
Disease: DNA and Inflammatory Diseases, DNA and Alzheimer's Disease,...
DNA Basics
DNA Basics: All About DNA and Proteins, The Properties of DNA, DNA Sequencing, An...
DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Fingerprinting: Bioinformatics and DNA, Authenticating Medications and Products,...
DNA in the News
DNA in the News: DNA Studies and the Evolution of Birds, Resurrecting the DNA of...
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Latest Comments
  • ceebee
    Re: Childhood Viruses and Inherited DNA
    Are allergies inherited too? Could a DNA test tell you if you're like to suffer the same allergies as a parent?
    29 January 2015
  • Cjbob7
    Re: The Importance of DNA
    Why is it important that we discovered the structure of DNA? How do we use it today?
    14 January 2015
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    @4Q. No as the article says, it's difficult to perform any kind of DNA analysis on ashes.
    7 January 2015
  • HistoryNut
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    Question regarding DNA and alternate sample types: I have a tooth from my father- he has not been in contact with the family for at least…
    1 January 2015
  • honey
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    Hi good day! We are currently studying about Human Identity Biometrics Card. Is there a current technology in producing these? If so, where…
    12 December 2014
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    @Becca. There is a list of DNA companies that the CSA uses at the end of this page
    11 December 2014
  • Becca
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    My baby's father was killed four months ago, 1 month after our son was born. We were not on good terms so when my son was born I didn't give…
    10 December 2014
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    @Jan. No there is not really an easy way to tell much from cremated remains/ashes unfortunately.
    5 December 2014
  • jan
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    My father passed away two years ago and he was cremated. His wife took his remains and refused to have any kind of service with my sister or…
    3 December 2014
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    @FH1974. Yes it's possible that DNA could show that the two of you are related.
    3 December 2014
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