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We have all heard that each of us is 'unique,' but the proof is truly in our DNA.DNA is otherwise known as deoxyribonucleic acid and it is an important and special part of human beings, animals and an enormous range of life forms.
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DNA Fingerprinting
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Latest Comments
  • kitchencharge
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    Do you have anything such as some hair strands etc? If so it may be possible. DNA testing can be expensive especially if there are lots of…
    24 October 2014
  • AL-
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    My father (an African man) died since 1970 leaving about 15 children from different wives; he had a western married wife who had one daughter…
    21 October 2014
  • Miss
    Re: Paternity Tests and DNA
    @halfadime. Try the BBC bitesize website that will have a timeline of DNA etc.
    8 October 2014
  • Halfadime
    Re: Paternity Tests and DNA
    What date was DNA testing first used, legally, to determine the true parentage of a child?
    7 October 2014
  • starstorm
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    I am 36 years old and for years my mother had never truly told me who my father was at one point it was one guy and then another so im not…
    21 September 2014
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: STR Analysis - Short Tandem Repeat
    @Diana. No, sorry this is purely an information based website.
    29 August 2014
  • Diana
    Re: STR Analysis - Short Tandem Repeat
    I was wondering if you provide STR analysis of cell lines and what the cost would be. We have human-induced pluripotent…
    28 August 2014
  • ExploreDNA
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    @BARBIE. Highly unlikely unless anything was kept, such as a lock of hair etc.
    27 August 2014
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    is it possible to get DNAfrom a stillborn who is already buried without digging her up
    26 August 2014
  • lolo
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    My father found out a few years ago that he has an older half brother that he 's never known about but the half brother knew about my father…
    25 August 2014
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