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We have all heard that each of us is 'unique,' but the proof is truly in our DNA.DNA is otherwise known as deoxyribonucleic acid and it is an important and special part of human beings, animals and an enormous range of life forms.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Where Can I Get Genetic Testing?, DNA Test after Death...
Computer Applications
Computer Applications: DNA Computing for Disease Diagnosis, Nan...
Disease: DNA and Inflammatory Diseases, DNA and Alzheimer's Disease,...
DNA Basics
DNA Basics: All About DNA and Proteins, The Properties of DNA, DNA Sequencing, An...
DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Fingerprinting: Bioinformatics and DNA, Authenticating Medications and Products,...
DNA in the News
DNA in the News: DNA Studies and the Evolution of Birds, Resurrecting the DNA of...
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Genetics: DNA Tests and Genetic Diversity, Can DNA Make You Popular?, Does...
Learning More
Learning More: Obtaining Your DNA Testing, Better DNA Tests of the Future, Pollution...
Legal Aspects
Legal Aspects: Government Involvement in DNA Technology, DNA and Civil Rights, DNA...
Testing: DNA and Air Crash Victims, DNA Testing for Disease, Urine Testing for...
Latest Comments
  • Boobu
    Re: Genetic Engineering
    hi guys can you plz help me here. i have this essay to write "Application of molecular DNA technology in studying evolution and phylogenetics"…
    22 April 2016
  • Prof. Pedigo
    Re: The Importance of DNA
    Soon our research will change the world as we know it just wait and see.
    21 April 2016
  • curious girl
    Re: The Importance of DNA
    what help did this make to the world
    9 April 2016
  • fuck twister
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    i have passed away and i am still alive. lol. Also i am a ghost. lol again.
    8 April 2016
  • Mal
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    Son past in Dec 2015. Have a cheek swab that funeral home took and its been in an envolop since his passing. His ex-girlfriend just had the…
    26 March 2016
  • Lynne
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    My brother passed away in 2007 and his kids are quarreling over weather he is the father of his second child's sister. I want to know if a…
    23 March 2016
  • Matteo
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    I have a cousin that passed away recently I was just wondering if we got Dna from her body could that recarnate her somehow
    19 March 2016
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    my fafther passed away 25 years ago, any chance for dna to be conducted
    10 March 2016
  • shuuuu
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    my father was buried 25 years ago, any chance for dna to be conducted?
    10 March 2016
  • Gem
    Re: Urine Testing for DNA Fragments
    Will my doctor be able to tell if I use someone else's urine for a drug test if he also does DNA on it
    9 March 2016
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