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We have all heard that each of us is 'unique,' but the proof is truly in our DNA.DNA is otherwise known as deoxyribonucleic acid and it is an important and special part of human beings, animals and an enormous range of life forms.
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Ask Our Experts: Where Can I Get Genetic Testing?, DNA Test after Death...
Computer Applications
Computer Applications: DNA Computing for Disease Diagnosis, Nan...
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DNA Basics
DNA Basics: All About DNA and Proteins, The Properties of DNA, DNA Sequencing, An...
DNA Fingerprinting
DNA Fingerprinting: Bioinformatics and DNA, Authenticating Medications and Products,...
DNA in the News
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Latest Comments
  • mimu
    Re: All About DNA and Proteins
    i solely want to know about the role of proteins formed by dna not about other things you have written in ur blog
    23 October 2016
  • prof
    Re: STR Analysis - Short Tandem Repeat
    Rely understood thank you with wonderful presentation
    26 September 2016
  • tapaspatas32
    Re: How was DNA Discovered?
    I Can recognition in 1945 this was discovered but how you might wonder well i am 64 of age and i am very experienced in science. so lets…
    21 September 2016
  • natalie
    Re: The Properties of DNA
    How does the nucleotide make up important properties of a DNA double helix?
    21 September 2016
  • Mrs Walker
    Re: How was DNA Discovered?
    Our school education should have 'Vocational Guidance and Modern History' like the important DNA discovery and when oil was first drilled…
    20 September 2016
  • abdulkareem
    Re: The Importance of DNA
    how we can estimating genetic diversity from mt DNA?
    4 September 2016
  • abdulkareem
    Re: The Importance of DNA
    what is the beast mtdna or rflp for fish genetic diversity in populations?
    4 September 2016
  • abdulkreem
    Re: Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
    PLS1. how molecular marker can estimated genetic diversity? 2.how we can know the diversity by seqnancing?
    4 September 2016
  • brandy
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    my brother recently passed and I jst learned of a child that may be his. In the past he had a test done thru DSS for an unrelated child. Can…
    3 September 2016
  • Marie
    Re: DNA Test after Death
    Hi have been looking for my real dad. And to be told he's dead! Am looking to get DNA test done. From him even thou he's dead! This can be…
    22 August 2016
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